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Top 7 Tips to Build a Customer Loyalty Program through Exceptional Customer Service

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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Customer service focusing on stateside customers is nothing. In today's market place where the click of can cost you a satisfied now demands customer service whose entire purpose is to create sustainable customer loyalty. These 7 tips may help you build a process improvement plan of exceptional customer service with the goal to grow customers’ loyalty.

  1. Speak the name of the customer or potential customer
  2. Everyone likes to hear their name. When using this tip, may sure that the spoken name is said directly and with actual sincerity. Just casually speaking a customer's name, may actually reduce the powerful impact of this tip.

  3. Send a handwritten thank you note
  4. Everyone likes to open a handwritten note. If this was not true, Hallmark would not be in business. Take the time to send a note or even a pre-printed postcard.

  5. Use customer loyalty surveys
  6. Constructive feedback is necessary to develop loyal customers. The use of surveys can be a powerful tool. However, the misuse of customer surveys can have just the opposite affect.

  7. Assess the attitudes of your employees
  8. Recent customer service research suggests that 68% of the customers who do not return do so because of poor to bad attitudes. Do you frequent places where Can't do attitudes resonate from your interactions?

  9. Evaluate your company policies and procedures
  10. Companies policies and procedures can be obstacles to developing loyal customers. These obstacles can also negatively impact any process improvement strategies.

  11. Establish a process to stay in contact
  12. Technology has allowed companies to be more proactive in regularly communicating with their customers. The challenge here is consistency of the customer relationship management (CRM) process.

  13. Demonstrate the values or non-negotiable behaviors as defined within your strategic plan
  14. Without clearly articulated and share core values by everyone within your organization, developing customer loyalty will be extremely difficult.

These 7 tips are not the only ones to develop a customer service culture where customer loyalty is everything, but they are a start in the right direction.

P. S. These tips presume that you have an executable strategic plan in place and that you are consistently monitoring your strategic plan.

Are you where you want to be? Are you experiencing repetitive customer service challenges? If you could overcome those challenges, what would that mean to your bottom line, your daily productivity or sense of personal achievement?

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Customer Service Expert Says to Remember Customer's Names
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