Team-Building Can be as Fun as It is Productive, with the Right Plan and Planner


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In today’s increasingly global marketplace, companies are forced to set themselves apart from a sea of look-alikes and, as many CEOs are finding out, perhaps the most effective way to do this is through corporate team training events.

The bottom line is this: Team training equates to team building and team building equates to team success. And, of course, team success equates to project success, and ultimately a business’ success.

Often referred to as “corporate events, ” these pre-planned occasions have proven to develop team cohesiveness, motivation and productivity – areas no business leader can overlook. What’s more, the events are fun and exciting and appropriately challenging, prompting the string results every business leader or business owner desires.

In fact, corporate event planning has become so wildly popular that corporate event ideas now range from unique team building weekends and retreats, outdoor team building activities, even specially designed team building courses, to themed team building activities and fun team building events like cocktail parties where members of a team learn to make cocktails together.

And, because no business leader has the time or resources to plan and oversee such events, most now rely on corporate hospitality and corporate event planner to put together packages that excite and entice team members and, while sparking a renewed sense of motivation.

Corporate events and weekends seem to be most popular in the UK, where there is a variety of activities and events to choose from. The trick is getting with your own corporate event manager and working together to determine what is best for you and your group.

Perhaps the only challenge a business owner or team manager has is to determine which exciting team building event to choose. But, then again, that’s what the experts can help you to determine, for your focus needs only to be on having fun with your team.

Once an event or weekend is decided on and the team activities have been chosen, the rest is all about results! And the best part is that the team members have so much fun that they don’t even realize they are “working” on team building, motivation, productivity – a business’ real concerns. Instead, they enjoy each other away from the office and, in not time at all, see each other in a different light – a light that can now shine on their results once back at the office!

Wayne Langley works with Chillisauce, a London-based corporate events and team building company that regularly plans unique and beneficial corporate events for businesses throughout the UK.


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