Leadership - Do The Simple But Important Things

Bill Robb

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Why do we human beings complicate things? Is it that we don’t believe that simple things work. From years of working with leaders at all levels and many different sectors here are the simple yet powerful steps you must take if you want to be a brilliant leader.

* Know your people – not just as cogs in a machine - but also as people. The more you know the more you can do to assist them do even better.

* Keep asking people how things are going – what needs improving – what we can do better?

* Decide today to delegate twice as much as you’re currently doing. You’ll see in this workshop that you DO have people to delegate to even though it may not seem like it.

* Check people’s understanding of your instructions by asking them to tell you what they have to do. Don’t just ask, “Do you understand?” They may say “yes” even if they don’t!

* Always get clear in your own mind what you want from projects, meetings, presentations, and appointments. A leader knows what he/she wants and this keeps everyone focused.

* Make the effort to genuinely praise people privately – and even better - in public.

* Keep people regularly informed – about as much as possible. You’ll see why in more detail during this workshop. Communication can be short and to the point but people want to know.

* Consult as much as possible. Ask people how they’d do things and whether or not they’ve better ideas on how to do what you want.

* Set direction and decide. Make clear what the purpose of the company, department, and project is. Set out some short-term targets and some medium term visions then decide.

* When people are not performing well strive not to insult or belittle. Be hard on the problem not on people. If you have to fire someone do it with as much dignity and respect as possible.

Yes we should read more and attend more workshops to keep improving. But what more do you need? Go and do it now!

You can be an even better leader - all success!

Bill has gained his knowledge from the school of hard knocks and in working with thouirands of managers in his face-to-face workshops. He likes to get to the heart of the matter and give people simple but powerful technqiues that can help them do even better. He has now put all of his fifteen workshops online so people can do them anywhere, anytime. http://www.brilliantwebworkshops.com


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Leadership - 6 Things The Best Leaders Do
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