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Building Your Team Means Building Your Business


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Building your team means building your business, but what if your team isn't growing very fast, therefore your business isn't growing either. What do you do? I go back to the team I have and ask them if they are setting their goals and what I can do to help them reach their goals? I try to get them excited again. I try to get them to understand that we need to stick together, we are a team! We help each other.

As a business leader, you are already a team builder, but you need to always be working on your team-building skills. Other wise your team will lose interest and they will stop building their team and your business will stop growing. Never leave your team to go on without hearing from you. Let them know that they are leaders in your team and in theirs, Stay in touch with each and every member in your team. Have team meetings and individual meetings as well. Keep that excitement about the business, Keep it fresh and new in your team and make sure that you are doing things that your team can duplicate. If they can duplicate you, their team can duplicate them and your team will grow fast.

Building a team in your business is not easy. When you come across some one that you know would be great in your team but they are not interested, it can be disappointing. So what do you do when that person says no? Do you keep trying to get that person to join, trying to convince them why they should join you team, your business? Or, do you back off and move on?

But you know that this person would be great and would be a real asset in your team. So what do you do?

The worst thing in the world of Team-Building is to try to convince that person why they should join your team, especially after they say their not interested. That is how Multi-Leveling a bad name to begin with. Pushy People.

You know your business is great and everyone that you have sponsored in your team is doing great, but when someone says their not interested in your business or joining your team, move on. Don't dis guard this person, If your friends, stay friends. If you have just met this person leave on a good note and ask if you can keep in touch as friends. It may be that person might be interested but the timing just isn't right. When the time is right they will find you, If your business is the one they want to join.

Have fun in your growing your business. It shows when your happy doing what you love and that will help you build your team.

I have had many home based businesses and they didn't work for me. But as I have learned over the years is that when you have a home based business, You must treat it as a business, you must get in the mind set that you are the CEO of your own business and you need to work it to make your business grow. Otherwise it won't work. So it isn't the MLM or Direct Marketing that didn't work it was you.

That can be a very hard and expensive lesson to learn. But I have learned and now I want to make sure you don't make the same mistakes I have.


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