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Fun Team Building


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Group dynamics is an important aspect for the success of any business - big or small. This is why companies are inviting trainers to conduct programs in team building and leadership. In fact, according to the experts, fun team building activities during the training program bring about dynamic team understanding and synergy.

Given here is an interesting team building activity for trainers. . .

The Tennis Ball Game
Objective of this activity: To enable participants to experience the various stages of team building; as well as become aware of all that happens at each stage.
Duration for the activity: 20 to 25 minutes

The requirements:
8 to 10 Tennis Balls
A whistle
Prizes for the teams

The Rules:
Divide the participants into small groups, depending on the number of participants.
Have them arrange themselves in a circle.
Give one person from each team a tennis ball and the explain the rules of the game.
Each group is competing with the other groups. The winning team is that which completes the maximum number of ‘circuits’ in the given time span.
A circuit is considered complete when every member of the team has touched the tennis ball.
Only one team member can touch the tennis ball at a time. The ball should be tossed about rather than systematically passed around.
If the ball touches the floor at any point then the ball should not be passed around in the team for one minute.
Make the teams complete a few circuits and steadily create complex patterns.

Debrief the teams:
Stop the teams after a couple of circuits and ask for feedback regarding how they, as a team, are becoming more efficient.

Bringing in activity modifications:
A co-worker reports sick: Remove one participant from each team. This will teach the participants that teams can continue to function effectively, even if one team member is not present, as each one can fill in for the absent member.
Increased production demand: Give each team a second ball. As time progresses a third and fourth ball can also be thrown into each team. This is how the teams will understand the need to continue working efficiently when production needs have increased, no matter to what extent.
The understanding after this activity:
How did each team perform?
How did each team perform in comparison to the other teams?
Team analysis. . . Each team member communication, performance, behavior, etc.

Motivation and team building are essential for increasing self confidence and self esteem.


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