Workplace Training Tips - 20 Tips for Training Others

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Here are 20 of the tips that we at WorldGAMES use when training others to train:

  1. Always use a simple frame-up that sets tight rules for the training
  2. Acknowledge participants and draw out their benefits for the training (not yours)
  3. Get participant buy-in to rules and benefits
  4. Seek to influence with integrity
  5. Walk your talk
  6. If you do not know something . . . say so
  7. Care about participants and show it
  8. Ask plenty of questions
  9. Listen, watch and get a feel for where your audience are at - constantly
  10. Draw out participants’ experience - collectively the group knows more than you
  11. Honor participants’ experience of the activity - do not tell them what they felt
  12. Paint pictures, use metaphors and war stories and keep them short and relevant
  13. Be a coach, guide and facilitator rather than a preacher or teacher
  14. Accept that participants will see the world differently - honor their model of the world
  15. Appeal to all learning styles whenever possible (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic)
  16. Handle hot issues - avoid them at your peril
  17. Be cautious with humor - it is easy to offend
  18. Involve the whole group at all times
  19. Be yourself
  20. Be open

By John Radclyffe of WorldGAMES, leaders in business training games, tools and programs. John is a rare breed of facilitator, trainer and consultant who has in-depth and hands-on experience in a broad range of skills; training, financial, marketing, new business development and business management among them.

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