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The 5 C's of Team-Building

Akhil Shahani

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Running a company, even if it is a small business, needs a team of committed and capable employees who can get the job done. But a team is not something that happens by itself. The process of team-building takes time and effort. The end result is to create a work environment in which every person feels like his or her contribution is a vital and valued part of the organization's success.

We have put together a list of 5 C's of effective team-building to help you on your way:

1. Clear expectations: One of the key characteristics of a successful team is clear role delineation of every team member - every person has to know the role he or she is expected to play in the company as well as the roles of the other team members. As the business owner, you have to ensure that every employee in your organization clearly understands how and where he/she fits in the organizational structure. Use organizational charts and staff meetings to facilitate this understanding.

2. Channels of communication: Create and maintain open channels of communication with your employees. This must not only be between you and your employees, but also among the staff. Create a working atmosphere such that your employees know that you are always available to listen to their concerns. Also encourage them to discuss genuine issues amongst themselves. Without free and unfettered communication, team-building is only a distant dream.

3. Conflict resolution: Getting a group of people to work together is not a bed of roses. There will invariably be times when the going gets rough and differences come out in the open. Develop conflict-resolution skills among your employees and create a mechanism for grievance redressal, if they can't resolve their problems on their own. If necessary, arrange for professionals to conduct workshops on this subject.

4. Consequences: Make members feel responsible and accountable for team achievements. Enable them to understand that each individual contribution is a vital piece in the whole picture. At the same time, encourage individual creativity to blossom by instituting a system of rewards and recognition.

5. Celebrating achievements as a team: Give your team-building efforts a fillip by celebrating successes as a group. Since every employee plays an important part in the success or failure of your business, it only makes sense to celebrate your achievements as a team. Depending on the size of the achievement, your celebration can be as simple as a pizza party or as spectacular as a company trip to Hawaii.

Use these tips to ensure that the people who make up your small business work together as a team towards the same goal. By empowering and instilling a sense of belonging in your employees, you will have created a successful team that works hard to achieve the best results for you.

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