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Generous To Your Team Will Repay You Generously!

Alex Liu

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People who are success and people who want to be success already know the importance of a team. But most people are not leveraging or working with their team effectively. They might be using control, manipulate, cheat or please to achieve good team work. They forgot one of the most important elements of team building- Generosity.

Being generous to your team helps a team to achieve goals faster and easier. When you are contributing to the team generously, the whole team will contribute to the team and to you generously too. I'll explain in details at the following.

Generous in creating goals. When everyone in the team is creating the goal for the team, you as a leader can start asking everyone's individual goal too. Get to know what their goals are besides money. By getting to know their goal, everyone can design a goal that benefits the whole team, them and you. They will have more passion and interest in working towards the goal.

Generous in planning. When you are assigning task and accountabilities to each team members, get them to do what they like to do. By the end, not all of them will get to do what they like or interest to do because you should prioritize the goal. Instead of adjusting the goal, reward extra to those who didn't get to do what they like to do.

Generous in taking actions. When you are doing what you promise the team you will do, do more than what you said you will do. Achieve more than what you say you will achieve for the team. By doing this, you will create an environment where everyone is willing to give more than what they promise. They will not gossip about you being lazy or a leader who lead without doing anything.

Generous in getting alignment. When there's a small meeting to get alignment and check results, praise and appreciate everyone before you start the meeting. For those who achieve more than they promise, praise and thank them. For those who achieve less or created negative impact to the team, praise and thank them for their intention and encourage them to move away from mistakes.

Generous in rewarding. When the team achieve the goal, generously reward everyone. You reward them what you promise to them. When everyone get what they are promised and there are surplus, reward them with special gifts or extra allowance. There are surplus because you and the whole team are being generous.

When you are giving 1 hour extra to the team, the team and you will get back more than 1 hour. Generous is not about giving one thing, you will lose one thing. It's about giving one thing, you and others end up getting more than one thing. There's no loss in being generous.

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