Why Include Teambuilding at Your Staff Appreciation Events?

Carla Rieger

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Many organizations are now successfully including teambuilding activities at their staff appreciation events because the payoff is so huge.

In this article you will find:

* Top 10 Reasons to include Teambuilding Activities at your Holiday Staff event

* The Do's of Teambuilding Activities

* The Don'ts of Teambuilding Activities

* How to get it Happening

Top 10 Reasons to include Teambuilding Activities at your Holiday Staff event

* It helps reserved people feel more comfortable about interacting.

* It helps new people feel more included.

* It allows people from different areas of work to get to know each other.

* It can break up silos and humanize a competitive working environment.

* It helps people see each other as people rather than as task machines.

* It creates an atmosphere of goodwill where open communication can thrive.

* It dissolves tension so people don?t feel like they need to drink as much.

* It helps people feel part of a community or family.

* It can improve employee retention and lessen absenteeism.

* It can turn the whole event from boring to fun instantly.

The Do’s of Teambuilding Activities

* Choose activities that are low risk and that honor people?s comfort zones.

* Make it voluntary but attractive to participate in.

* Organize it so that people get around to as many different people as possible.

* Choose a pro who knows how to respectfully break the ice, build a sense of team, and keep them laughing.

* Allow people from all levels of the organization to meet and greet the bosses?it can go a long way to building employee loyalty.

The Don'ts of Teambuilding Activities

* Choose high risk activities that end up being an ?ice-maker?.

* Force people to participate.

* Set it up so that the same people keep interacting.

* Assign an inexperienced facilitator.

* Allow people to sit on the sidelines and watch, it can make people who are participating uncomfortable.

* Exclude upper management.

More Ideas

For an article on “Surviving the Holiday Office Party" go to http://management. about.com/cs/yourself/a/SurOffParty1200.htm

For a free list of teambuilding activities go to http://www.businessballs.com/teambuildinggames.htm

How to Get it Happening

If you want to be thanked for putting on an awesome Holiday Event this year, call a pro to do the teambuilding.

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