Implementing Strategy Through Effective Communication is Key to Ensure its Success


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In Strategic Planning, there are many analytical tools like PEST, 5-forces of competitions, SWOT etc to assist in the development of a good strategy. How detail these analysis are used depends on the complexity and competitive position of the business. A business environmental scanning is able to provide leaders to assess the future competitiveness of the business and thus it own business development. Assuming all these are done well, the next challenge for leaders is to implement these strategies effectively such that it yields the desired results.

Effective communication is the starting point to the implementation of the strategies. Without such communication, companies are not able to implement these strategies effectively in a cohesive manner. So, the objective of communication in Strategic Deployment is to attain Total Alignment of understanding of performance expectations, key result areas and Key at company level as well as at operation level.

I came across companies who did the communication by merely sending out emails or pass around a budget report to key personnel. and hope they will pass down the information accordingly. While this mode of communication is most time effect, they do not ensure information are really pass down to the next level as complete as it should be. Another minor point about this mode is that there is no indication or feedback the budget details are well accepted (willingly).

Alternatively, many companies conduct a “Budget Roll-Out" sessions with key personnel on a more elaborated manner. It was held in workshop style type of session involves a lot of discussion and further details of actions plans to the strategies are developed. Templates are used to guide leaders to conduct this type of session. Graphical examples of these templates are available at

During these sessions, balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map are used to develop Key Performance Indicators that are complement each other and well aligned to the company level objectives.

On the soft side, there are plenty of opportunities for participants in the session sot cross share their ideas and opinion about the budget, strategies and action plans. All these happenings are eventually created better understanding of the budget and hence obtain better buy-in from key personnel who are responsible to execute the strategies.

In summary, to ensure a effective Strategic Planning, its detail implementation plan must be incorporate as part of the Strategic Planning Process. Next task is to monitor and track the action performance of the actions.


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