Offense: Beat the Odds

Jan Verhoeff

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When in doubt, cut that out! Yeah, yea, doubting Thomas may have had a point in his day, and life may not be what you want it to be, but if you constantly doubt yourself, how can you accomplish anything?

Where is your confidence? What possible good can come from taking the negative aspect of any situation and growing it into acceptance?

Purpose of achievement is to attain a goal. So, if you set your goals and strive to get there, it should be assumed that you are moving toward your goal (at least so far as intent) no matter what you are doing, right?

I vaguely remember an instructor from college saying once, “If there are two ways to take something, always input the benefit of doubt and assume the better more optimistic choice is the right way to take it. ”

When watching a football game, one of those great high school starter games, set to determine who starts when the real games begin, I noticed the coach called “defense” only when the team was “protecting” their goal. As long as the team was fighting for more ground they played “offense”. Along the same lines, I’ve heard the phrase, “a strong defense requires a good offense. ” Simply put, if you concentrate more on gaining ground than on protecting your goals, your accomplishments will be greater. Time spent protecting your goals is wasted time, when you could be working toward attaining your goals rather than preventing others from reaching their goal.

In business, if you waste your time focusing on what your competition is doing rather than working toward meeting your goals, you don’t get very far.

Focus your attention on where you’re going. Don’t waste time worrying about where your competition is. You will gain ground while they are watching you. Smile as you reach your destination.

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Characteristic of an optimist, Jan Verhoeff leads with vision and power, focusing on where she wants to go. Gain perspective from where you stand, focus your attention on where you want to go, and move forward. Brand your GOAL POST with the journey, let us show you how: eBiz Brand Performance .


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