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Poor Leads Equal Poor Money

Glen P Jon

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This may seem like a simple concept. However, it can be complicated. You must have concise information in order to get the results you want. Vague understanding is the primary cause for a multitude of failures. Qualified leads are important doing direct marketing, email marketing, street sales or whatever. Every marketer needs hot interested prospects. When you have a person who's only interest is the free offer as advertised, it's difficult to sell them unless the product enhances what you gave them. We sometimes acquire leads by way of not really knowing the source. I've learned to stay away from buying leads of any kind. Really time and time again, buying leads have led to wasted money for me. Each market has it's own idiosyncrasies, if you will. You know your own field of endeavor better than a third party would. Hot leads are of the perpetual frontier. Every industry constantly needs new customers. Unique methods of acquiring customers involves technology as well as word of mouth. Integrity from the beginning to the end makes a happy sale.

All of this may sound poetic. Check it out for yourself. This is more than poetic writing. I speak of the beginning as being the advertisement and the end as being the point of sale. Integrity, in this example is making sure the prospect is well informed as to what they're considering to by or experience. History reveals many cases of multilevel campaigns in diverse industries being over zealous. I'm speaking of your famous soap company to multilevel vitamins and as far fetched as the mortgage industry.

You can find excited sales people almost everywhere and they have the right to be excited. Remember no matter how excited you are, the reality of acquiring new customers in tales intelligent planning. Telling prospects your giving them a free lollipop will work perfectly for children. You'll have children mainly interested in getting lollipops. Try the same thing for adults and you will get fewer participants. Why not tell readers you'll give them information on what they have been looking for? Then embellish what you gave them for free and have it as a product for them to purchase. This way only folks interested in a particular topic will inquire and after you give them information for free, it will be likely they'll purchase your additional embellishment. Is it build a better mouse trap and you'll catch better mice? No, not exactly however, the quality of your list is dependent upon using proven methods as well as experimentation. Careful study and tactful execution is key to success.

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