The Steps to Globalization

Gurdeep Singh Raina

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The steps to globalization lead the way towards a global organization. . the same applies to our GBU also. .in my opinion, for a global comapny but there's a lot more to be done to achieve the global status. . . a company needs to go up the globalization pyramid so as to become a truly global company. . . [the pyramid something like the one given below]

[own manufacturing & branding]^
global marketing^
international marketing^
agent based^

this is the way companies have gone global. . & truly have they become global players. . talk about Siemens, GE, Philips, Boeing, Daimler Benz, Ford, Toyota. . etc. all have followed the same path. .

the challenge lies in going global because the threshold required for jumping to the next level is high as the risk & investment associated is also high. But one thing is clear that one can never achieve a global status by not taking any risk. all the global companies have taken the risk at the time it required, & those which didnt . . have vanished or have become smaller than what they were before.

risks of not becoming global:

1.dependence on others business performance
2. opportuinity loss
3. not be able to differentiate ourselves

Theories of globalization:

1. Raymond Vernon
2. Mc Kinsey
3. Bartlett & Ghoshal

I think we should all give it a thought and see what can be done to achieve a global status.


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Globalization -- How To Prosper In Spite Of It
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