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A steam boiler is a covered container that furnishes a method for combustion heat to be transferred into water until the water becomes steam. The steam is then utilized for transferring the heat to a procedure.

When water is boiled into steam its volume swells about 1,600 times, generating a force that is highly unstable. This is a very commendable means for transferring heat for a process, but it can also be exceedingly hazardous. Steam boilers are utilized in many diverse applications. Their only function is to make use of water and transform it into steam. There are some boilers that heat the steam until it exceeds the boiling point temperature. This is also known as superheated steam.

Steam boilers have a number of trappings to function efficiently. One of them is an aquastat. It fulfils two objectives. It monitors the temperature in which the boiler functions, and furnishes a low-voltage transformer and relay to run the circulator.

Several circulators require extra relays or a multiple control panel. A valve known as a regulator regulates water pressure.

A check valve or backflow prevents water from drifting into the domestic source, in case the pressure inside the boiler becomes more than the domestic water pressure. A temperature-pressure relief valve relieves the system if the water pressure or the temperature becomes greater than the capacity of the boiler. Water increases in volume and correspondingly shrinks as it is heated and cooled. This necessitates the presence of an expansion tank.

Steam boilers function at various water levels. A steam boiler is not filled with water. With the aim of generating steam, the water is reserved below the top of the water jacket. A float valve with a sight glass routinely monitors the water level. Steam progresses through the pipes to the radiators under the impact of its own pressure. As the steam makes its way through a radiator it cools and condenses into water. Following this, gravity puts the water back into the boiler to replicate the cycle.

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