Thinking about Going Global? Some Issues to Consider


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One issue facing many small business owners in the 21st Century is the vast marketplace created by internet commerce. When deciding whether to sell to, or setup shop in other countries, it is important to consider some key factors:

1. Do the nationals in the country you wish to export to have buying power?
2. How strong is the currency in the country in which you wish to export?
3. Are the foreign nationalists willing to buy?
4. In what stage of economic development is the nation?
5. Does the foreign government impose quotas or tariffs?
6. Does the government limit imports from your country?
7. Does your product need any modification to operate properly and fall within the country’s guidelines?
8. Does the government require majority ownership by nationals?
9. What are the characteristics of the population?
10. Is there anything about your product or service, which is not compatible with this country’s culture?
11. If you wish to set up business in the country, are foreign nationals available to employ?

This may seem like a lot to consider. In fact, it is the bare minimum. If you are exporting goods or considering opening business in another country, it is wise to do your homework before investing in the venture.

There are, thankfully, plenty of ways to tap into the global marketplace without having to take all these risks or do so much research. Thousands of companies have built a strong global business by operating in a marketing network. “Affiliates” or “Members” participate in the company’s growth and reap the benefits of sales without having to do any packing, shipping, or inventory management. By joining a network marketing company, it is possible to benefit from the globalization of the world’s marketplace with very little risk on your own. Generally, the risk is limited to your investment in the cost of membership (mostly minimal, often free) and/or advertising costs, which depend solely on how much you wish to spend.

Other benefits of Network Marketing

Your e-commerce target audience is the world, but you do not have to target customers at all. By putting yourself out there, backed by your networked business of choice, your customers find you. If they are looking for the best widget ever, your job is to make sure they consider yours. Many of these network-marketing companies have a great deal of support to back you and help you make decisions regarding promoting your business. A nice by-product of this is your “network” is often a source of emotional support and in some instances may even seem like extended family. The overall attitude is teamwork, and your success helps the team. Good customer service starts from within the organization. If you get a good feeling from the beginning, chances are you are in a good place.

Karen Kay is employed full time at Grantham Poole CPA's in Jackson, MS. She works at home part time with her husband, Michael, with Nutronix, Inc. , a Wellness Marketing Network. For more information, email at . Website:


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