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Marketing: What is a Strategy for Connecting with my Perfect Prospects?

Rosey Dow

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Creating a system for connecting with your perfect prospects is easier than you might thing. Once you know who your perfect prospects are, you are well on your way because now you have insight into how they think, what they truly want, and how to communicate with them. By focusing on your perfect prospect, you will save frustration, time, and cost because your eye is on the bullseye, not on a moving target.

Here are 5 steps toward building a deeper connection with them.

1. Roll out a steady supply of great information. Valid, valuable, and timely information is priceless. Whether you blog, or write articles, or post notes to FaceBook, creating a steady current of content will take you further than any other activity you engage in.

2. Direct your current of content to flood places where your perfect prospects already are. You want to get in front of the mob instead of calling them over to where you are. Is your ideal client an attorney mom? Then go where the attorney moms hang out and talk to them there. Entice them to your site with some juicy free stuff and they will come over and see what’s happening in your part of the world.

3. Once you have a list of interested people (known as peeps in twitter speak), take good care of them. Ask them what they want. Deliver what they need. Treat them with kindness and respect. Give away things that will delight and inspire them.

4. Pay attention to your conversation with them. When you find a gap in what they know and what they don’t know, rush in to fill that space with your training materials.

5. Be generous in your offers but not too generous. A recent promotion from a “guru” stated the value of his training at $3000 but the actual price was $47 including thousands of dollars in bonuses. This kind of disconnect brings up questions about that marketers good sense, guru or no. Who can believe that kind of deal? Stay true to your own value and respect the common sense of your list members.

They will respect you for it.


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