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The Truth Of Secret Shopping Services


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Do you know what secret shopping services are? These services are people employed by a company to evaluate the services or products of a particular store. They look like a regular customer doing normal shopping.

Secret shopping services are intended to supply valuable information to companies in order for them to improve their business, a product or service. These companies hire the shopper to visit a certain location to evaluate certain tasks. These assigned jobs might include specific questions to ask, voicing a complaint to a service department, evaluating the cleanliness or other business aspects or possibly purchasing a certain product.

These programs work well for most companies, although larger chains or restaurants may see the need more. Even though management can be sent in to audit the employees and services of individual stores, the results may not lead to a true account of the service since the auditor is expected. With a secret shopping services shopper, the store will not know when they are being evaluated. These customers act as spies while enjoying shopping, dining out or taking in a movie.

Someone working in the shopping field needs to have a sharp eye for details, noticing even the smallest feature of a service. The assignment for a client can include making purchases or evaluating service to the customer. They report on the length of a wait in service line and give an opinion on ways to improve it. For example, they may suggest hiring more employees or laying out the store in a more functional way.

So what types of information can a business learn from shopping programs? Businesses can learn basically every part of a customers experience since the anonymous shopper is basically a real shopper. They gauge the employees knowledge on its products, how clean the store is and how prompt service people responds to a problem or complaint. They ask questions such as how long did they wait to be served at a restaurant. Did a store associate greet them when they entered the store? Was an extended warranty suggested with a new electronics purchase? Did an associate suggest the customer open a credit card? Were associates able to point you towards a particular product?

Businesses can expect to gain the opportunity to get an objective review of the customers experience and find out exactly where to make improvements. Many companies use the results from secret shopping services to improve the training for their employees or to reward employees when excellent scores are reported.

These services have helped businesses to increase customer loyalty, improve the quality of their service and improve up sells and cross sells. This allows the company to increase sales and profits and remain competitive with other similar stores.

The shopping industry serves as a detective. They search out what might need improving and recognize quality services. They identify employees and store locations that provide excellent service and daily business needs. The company can then provide rewards and incentives to these employees for continued good work.

The purpose of these services is to provide impartial opinions on company improvement needs. Having an anonymous shopper acting as a customer lets the evaluator without being treated different from a normal customer or a planned visit from a management auditor.

Secret shopping services are there for a company to make improvements when needed and recognize quality employees from an unbiased opinion.

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