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Are You Qualified To Be A Mystery Shopper?


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Have you ever heard of secret shopping? Have you ever wondered how you could become one? It is really quite simple. There are many secret shopping companies that need your help! In fact, there are hundreds of shopping companies and websites you can visit to learn about secret shopping.

So, how does it work? A lot of it is about customer service and observance. All you have to do is go into a clothing store, a restaurant, a gas station or any number of different places and observe the customer service you receive. Usually there are lists of things you have to specifically watch for, all of them very easy to spot. You must keep your identity as a shopper hidden from the sales associates and other customers, and act as if you are simply an ordinary shopper out for a normal day of shopping. You watch the employees, the service you are offered, the help you receive, the way things are done, the food you eat (if you are at a restaurant) and the cleanliness, among other things. You are usually given a form to fill out after you have completed the audit. This form will give you questions to answer and things to outline. If you are good at expressing yourself and your opinions, this is a very easy part of this job.

Well, you might ask who qualifies to become a shopper. You do! Whoever you are, and whatever your current occupation or situation in life, you most likely qualify for the job. If you are a stay at home mom, if you already have a part time or a full time job, if you are in school and need some extra money on the side, this is a perfect job for you. There are no set hours, no set schedules, no set times you are required to work. Most of the time you may pick and choose where and when you will work. Secret shopping companies offer a wide variety of places for you to work as well. Many times, if you give information about where you are located, the secret shopping company you work for will try their best to find a place near where you live, so that you do not have far to travel away from your home. So there is no need for you to pay for that extra gas to travel somewhere miles away, or to commute for this job. If you have children or a friend you would like to take along, that is usually no problem at all. And an added bonus is that many times, the company you work for will either pay for what you buy during your shop, or reimburse you at a later time. It is truly the easiest, most convenient job that anyone could find!

In summary, you are merely doing the ordinary, normal things that you do in your everyday life. The difference that being a shopper makes is that you are now getting paid for doing these things. You can get paid for shopping at your favorite store, get paid for eating at your favorite restaurant, get paid for filling up with that much needed tank of gas. Yes, it sounds like such a job is almost too good to be true. It is not! You should find out for yourself!

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