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Stationery A Global Growing Industry

Uday Patel

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From a humble beginning to cater to businesses, institutions, schools and colleges the stationery industry has grown multifold. This has happened in direct relationship to increasing commercialization. With the growth in the business and industrial sectors demands for larger well equipped supporting institutions, colleges and schools has risen fourfold. In short the demand for stationery products and introduction of new ones has consequently risen along side.

The latest entrants have been the consumers now well equipped with consumer gadgets that use stationery as accessories. Mobile phones, printers, many other household gadgets require stationery such as paper rolls as accessories. Small business too have experienced rising demand for products with the introduction of electronic typewriter, computers and printers. These gadgets have become indispensible in the offices and even in the homes of the professionals. The card industry has entered homes in a big way with advanced printing technology it has been fairly able to ward competition posed by the online messaging facility thanks to the Internet.

Fairly any product that is sold by a stationer is called stationery. This is how the industry has been categorized since a long time. Most of the items sold are of course accessories like paper rolls, inked ribbons, ink cartridges, order pads, receipt papers, business forms, guest checks, menu covers, time clocks, placemats, greeting cards, pens, pencils, card holders, erasers, small gifts, certificates the list is endless as new products are introduced. With every step that the technology moves forward a new product is created for the stores and suppliers all over the World.

Promotional products are important for marketing and constitute any item that can be made appealing by colorful printing. Though most of the products are customized at the printers shop there are many products that can be sold by the stationers with dazzling appearances. Not everything is paper in this industry with advancing technology we have experienced the introduction of ink cartridges, ribbons and counterfeit detector pens. The latter is a technology that is able to detect fake currency to prevent you from being duped.

What new is going to happen time will tell? In the meantime stationery supply stores need to keep themselves well stocked. With online facilities to sell the products a greater urgency has arrived to keep abreast of the developments.


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