Various Types of Paper Suppliers and their Product Description

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The word paper is derived from the word “papyrus”, a plant found near the Nile river about 5,000 years ago. The person credited with the invention of paper was a Chinese by name Ts’ai Lun. By the end of 18th century the labours of Nicolas Luis Rober resulted in creation of machines which could produce papers by the help of wire mesh and squeeze rollers. Due to these improved techniques of paper production, Paper Suppliers became a thriving industry for supplying huge volumes of paper for the production of newspapers, books, magazines, and a huge variety of other purposes.

Paper is of utmost importance even in today’s digitally driven age. The usefulness of paper is not restricted to newspapers, magazines but also other sectors like packaging and construction.

The role of paper suppliers has become very important socially and production wise due its environmental impact and the need for its conservation for our future generations.

Although paper mills are separate from pulp mills, in the Standard Industrial Classification System the two are directly connected. About 70% of all paper produced at mills are integrated with a pulp mill at the same site with both mills owned by the same company. Paper making starts when the pulping process comes to an end. Paper suppliers are organized by the type of paper they produce. Some paper suppliers produce only printing and writing paper. While others produce newsprint.

China leads its way in the production and supply of paper in the world, closely followed by the U. S. Most of the paper suppliers have their specialized products. For e. g. some of the paper suppliers specialize in the following criterion.

• Graphic applications and Industrial use

• Specialty note cards and invitations

• Security paper products

• Uncoated premium text and cover grades of paper and envelopes

• Crafting and printing projects

• Eco friendly paper

• Artist paper manufacturing

Types of Paper Suppliers

Some of the leading Paper supplier’s of the world are:-

• Appleton

• Astro Converters

• Blanks USA

• CTI Paper USA

• Legion paper

• Mohawk paper

A reliable source of quality paper is the life blood of a company’s commercial printing or publishing business. Finding the right paper supplier is also equally important for the company considering business and customer segmentation requirements. Some of the basic categories of paper are distinguished below.

Business paper : This includes supplies of letters, newsletters, forms and other business communications.

Digital paper : This includes paper supplies for digital printing projects.

Packaging : This includes the use of paper for packaging and related purposes.

Some of the popular products of the paper suppliers are:

• Waste paper suppliers

• A4 paper suppliers

• News print paper suppliers

• Stockout paper suppliers

• Creper paper suppliers

• Tissue paper suppliers

• Double sorted old corrugated cardboards suppliers (DSOCS)

• Printing paper suppliers

• Photocopy paper suppliers

• Thermal paper suppliers

Environmental Standards on Paper supplies

Manufacture and supply of papers primarily involves large scale deforestation, in order to regulate this some of the international companies have set certain standards of paper supplies. Leading in this way is Fuji Xerox. Suppliers of paper to Fuji Xerox have to comply on the highest international environmental standards in forestry practices as well as pulp and paper manufacturing operations. Some of the shortlisting criterions for selecting the environmental friendly paper supplier include the following measures.

• Legal & regulatory Compliances

• Plantation & certified natural forests

• Public Reporting

• Human Rights

• Wastepaper & Recycled material

• Sustainable forest management

• Environmental management system

• Management of Hazardous substances

Paper supply industry is the most capital intensive of all manufacturing industries in the U. S. It requires major investments for plant and equipment. Its financial performance is affected by currency swings and prolonged periods of inflation and increasing environmental pressures. The paper supplier’s problems are compounded due to their excessive focus on production and less focus on marketing and sales promotion. However despite the same due to improved information technology and automation, changing administrative reforms, etc. Paper suppliers are strengthening their core operations and enhancing their production limits.

Looking for paper suppliers? Find a list of paper suppliers in alignment with your requirement.


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Various Types of Paper Manufacturers and Their Production Techniques
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