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What to Look for in a Pest Control Company

Vick Condecion

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When you have pest infestation that you do not want to handle yourself, or a pest infestation big enough to require a professional, what are the things do you need to consider before calling in the exterminators? Extreme care should be exercise before signing the contract, as you would want your pest problems to go away, and not get worse. Below are some questions you need answered before hiring a pest control operator:

- Is the company licensed?

This is the foremost qualification you need to consider when choosing the right pest control company. Ideally, they should be licensed by your state’s Department of Agriculture, because pesticides may be applied that could adversely affect crops or bio-control predators.

You would also want to make sure that the company’s certificates are up-to-date, especially if the state pesticide agency requires re-certification after a set period and continuing training programs.

Not only should your potential contractor have a DA license, they should also be licensed in the city they conduct business in. This indicates that the pest control company you are dealing with is reputable and responsible, in case something untoward happens.

- Does the company have a proven track record?

You may also want to check with your local chamber of commerce to find out if there were complaints filed against your prospective contractors. Reputable exterminators make sure that they conduct their business with the highest possible professionalism because they understand how word-of-mouth can get them loyal customers.

- Is the company insured?

The pest control service should have a general liability insurance. More desirable, they should be covered if a sudden and accidental pollution arise while pesticides are being applied in your home. The insurance will give you a certain degree of protection in case these things happen.

- Are the company’s employees bonded?

You would want to deal with an exterminator whose employees are bonded. To you, this means that in case there is damage caused by the applicators, you will be reimbursed by the company for the harm done.

You may also want to find out if the company’s applicators have workmen’s compensation insurance. This protects the homeowner in case the applicators get injured in line of duty.

- Do you want a generalist or a specialist to do the job?

There are as many pests as there are exterminators, and while everyone in the extermination business knows how to approach pest control in general, you may end up better doing business with a specialist, especially if you have a large-scale infestation of a single pest (i. e. rodents or termites). Remember, pesticide application may have to be done on more than one occasion, so finding the right contractor will save you from future hassles.

- Does the pest control operator answer all of your questions to your satisfaction?

Reputable pest control service providers do not just come in and fog your place without proper customer education. The pest control service should offer to discuss the treatment proposed for the kind of infestation you have, and should be able to outline a recommended control program after thorough inspection of your home. Further, they should be able to offer “greener, ” non-chemical, and bio-control alternatives to extermination for customers who are not comfortable with pesticides.

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