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Symptoms of ruptured ovarian cyst


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Ruptured Ovarian cyst means a fluid-filled pile that develops in the ovary of female. It generally happens due to failure of discharge of eggs from the ovary during ovulation as the result of which follicle or ovarian sac gets filled up with fluid and becomes larger in size. This may be the cause of utter pain on pelvic region. Finally cyst gets enlarged up to the extent that its wall gets weakened resulting in the leakage of the fluid from it. The patients suffering from ruptured ovarian cysts experience utter pain due to the damage of their pelvic lining. In most of the cases, pain gets relieved in the span of few days.

Doctors advised to go for ultrasound or sonogram just to assure the presence of ruptured ovarian cyst in the patients suffering from the pain in the pelvic region. If the cyst of the patient gets ruptured then the pelvic cavity becomes filled with fluid. In the case the cyst gets larger than six cm and causing a lot of pain then the patient is advised to go for laparoscopy in order to remove the cyst. Sometimes, gynecologists also provide birth controlling pills to relieve the patient from pain.

In some of the cases, cysts get developed without any symptoms and also go away without any medication but in other cases there may be intricate problems associated with this disease. When cyst gets ruptured it causes immense pain and other complications.

One of the problems in identifying ruptured ovarian cyst is that it has the same symptoms as the regular ovarian cyst because in both the cases patients experience utter pain. However, one can distinguish between ovarian cyst and ruptured cyst because in the regular ovarian cyst patient feel constant pelvic pain while carrying out day to day activities and also after intercourse and bowel movements whereas in the case of ruptured cyst pain occurs during the menstrual period. Pain occurs just before the menstruation period or just after it. Females that have ovarian cyst whether regular or ruptured have menstrual cycles which are not regular and normal.

The lower pelvic region experiences an intense pain when ovarian cyst ruptures. There is still more pain if the patient does not experience pain in the case of regular ovarian cyst then on the rupture of it one notices an extreme pain whereas if there is a pain in the regular ovarian cyst then the pain slowly enhances when the cyst ruptures. Patients of ruptured ovarian cysts should not take anticoagulant medicines like Warfarin as it may cause more harm than good and results in abdominal pain, bloating and even hemorrhage. In some of the cases, patients may have anemia also which is caused due to intense blood loss. It also indicates internal bleeding. Other symptoms of ruptured follicle are nausea, vomiting and fever. Patients suffering from ruptured follicle also experience lethargy and fatigue.


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Ovarian Cyst Removal - Types of Surgery For the Removal of Ovarian Cysts
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