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How to Win In Network Marketing A Simple Truth

Jim Whitney

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I encountered MLM also know as Multi Level Marketing and or Network Marketing back in the nineties. It was an online company offering lower cost long distance and international telephone services that I thought was going to be a winner.

I was flat broke at that time but put together some flyers to advertise the service and also tried to promote the service through mail order blitzes and advertisements. I failed for 3 reasons.

1. Even though I promoted the product, almost all of the people I was in contact with were not interested in saving money off their phone calls or changing their service. They didn’t want 2 bills was what I heard most. The idea was new at the time, it was only a few months after the phone company lost their monopoly and people weren’t very enlightened then.

2. I did not have enough start up monies to do promotions the way they deserved and even though I had introduced users and promoters I always fell a little of the monthly enrollment requirements to be remunerated. Being compensated. for my efforts may just have made the difference. I could have utilized what I had earned to strengthen my promotions.

3. I enrolled with a very pleasant person but she was was as green as I was to MLM and network marketing. Her upline did not offer any help to her, we helped one another. It was fun but like the blind leading the blind and got very frustrating after a while.

I tried hard with that company for several months and never got paid. while I was doing that I had discovered that information publishing was where I was making money. I hated to use that money to promote the company I had become disenchanted with so I reinvested my earnings back into what was working the best for me.

After a few of years I published my own informational e-zine and quite a bit of what I saw involving multi level marketing disenchanted me further.

I saw network marketing companies launching in other countries without the required legal work being done. Lots of people would join and in their naivity plunk down money promoting something that was actually illegal and likely to be closed down.

I had been told of people who had tons of the products stashed away and would probably never use it. Why you ask Because some of the companies require you to buy an amount of product monthly prior to you are compensated for your efforts and your down-lines efforts.

Someone I know earned thousands of pounds every month with his company. One month he spent 2 weeks on holiday and came back down with food poisoning. He fell 1 short of the required monthly recruiting figures and his earnings went to his upline. Can you imagine that happening?
Companies change the goal posts just when promoters start to do well.

I would get telephone calls pleading with me to join a easy opportunity. Because I am a nice person I didn’t tell them to pound sand when they were extolling the virtues of companies that I probably knew more than them about. I would tell them why I objected and get really answers that were particularly annoying:

I’m not interested in the product…The product doesn’t matter as you will soon earn lots of money.

I haven’t got the time…It only requires you to spend an hour a week promoting

I am already involved in a lot of projects on the go and wouldn’t be able to do this business justice and to spend time helping those who joined with me as well. …They won’t require any assistance this business is very easy to run

I could prattle on but I’m sure you get the picture. I really grew to abhor network marketing and some of the people that it attracted, but being in constant communication with them was one part of the business so putting up with it was a daily chore.

One day I had a telephone call from a new subscriber. He was a network marketer yawn… and he tried to get me to join. What he said to me during that call made me rethink my bad opinion of network marketers, but he was one among many.

He told me that I should be interested in using the product regularly so I would be able to honestly recommend it. He said that I would be required to make a sizable initial investment to enable proper promotion of the business. He also related that it would be some hard work and take at least 20 hours a week and that it would take a few months to start earning and that earnings would gradually expand if I continued the hard work.

In a nutshell he was honest about it!

I was surprised at his being so forthright and told him so and why. His answered that he was always honest about the business and that he would rather have one good joiner who knew the score from the beginning than 20 who believed that they would earn a fortune with no money and little effort. That one good enrollee would earn both of them far more money than those who joined on pipedreams.

Here is a company I believe to be a good one. There is a 30 day marketing plan to get you off to a good start. Guaranteed customers and great support. Visit The Comany


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Knowing the Difference Between Truth and Lie in Network Marketing
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