Small Business Owners: Where Is the Source for Your Success?

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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During an executive coaching session with a small business client, this gentleman uttered what I believe to be a most profound statement: “Success is not about what I know, but who I am. ” This gentleman has been on a now 5-year journey to truly take control of his life and his success has multiplied both personally and professionally. Now with this realization and a new belief, he will see his 2006 goals achieved with even greater speed while traveling his road to success.

How many times do small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and those who just believe that they are average individuals seek help from outside, externals sources such as acquiring more knowledge, certifications or degrees to achieve success. Many of these same individuals fail to look inside, for those internal discoveries that actually provide them with a sustainable belief in catapulting them to success.

Unfortunately, looking within takes an enormous amount of honest and courageous reflection. Possibly, these 5 questions may help you if are up to the challenge.

  1. Do I really like me? - What this means is do I have a grounded positive self-image? Or, am I always looking to be like someone else or thinking “if I only had his or her looks, money, (fill in the blank)” etc. ? NOTE: Many of my coaching clients don’t really like themselves. This is the hardest part of truly transforming into “Who I am. ”
  2. Do I know my purpose? - Why am I here on this earth right now? What gifts such as creativity, insightfulness or determination do I bring to the table of life? Purpose is not a constant as it does change as we grow and our experiences grow with us.
  3. Do I know my values? - By what behaviors will I deem acceptable or not acceptable in my ongoing attempts to live my purpose. In many instances, individuals’ values are also their gifts.
  4. Do I know or have a vision? - Where can I take or apply my purpose?
  5. Do I know my mission? What measurable goals will take me closer to uniting my vision to my purpose?

Over 75 years ago, Napoleon Hill recognized what my client only just realized when he shared this thought: “ You might well remember that nothing can bring you success but yourself. ” And for that success to happen, you must know who you are.

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