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Call accounting can be a very important part of your business telephone system. You can track both in and outbound calls by extension, line, time of day, area code, and much more. Call accounting will help you eliminate toll fraud, check on how employees are spending their time, track busy periods, and with caller ID even see where your customers are coming from. You can run reports every day or only a few times a year. The information is stored on a dedicated computer so the data is their when you need it.

Call accounting can help save you money. By analyzing your call patterns, you can make sure that you don't have too many outside lines or , even worse, too few. This makes sure you don't pay for lines you don't need and makes sure you have enough lines to accommodate your peak periods so no one get a busy signal.

By tracking the length of calls you can see which employees are most productive, especially in call center applications. You can also make sure that you are correctly staffed for busy times of day and for slow times. This makes sure that you have enough people working to handle the calls at your busiest times. Don't let customers simply hang up because they have been waiting too long to reach a customer service representative.

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