Save Your Small Business Money: How To Conserve Ink & Print Faster


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Are you wasting ink cartridges and your time needlessly?

If you print on regular settings, you may not only be wasting ink, but you might also be making extra trips to the office supply store!

But don't worry. . . There is a simple way to conserve ink, print your items faster, and save paper.

Here's what to do.

On your start menu, go into the ‘control panel’.

Then select ‘printers and faxes’.

When you see your printer, right click on it and select ‘properties’.

What we are going to do is set the default settings to ‘Black and white’ & ‘Draft’ quality prints.

The reason we are going to do this is to conserve ink.

I find that more than 95% of the pages I print simply don't require color.

I'd venture to guess that you don't need high quality for most of your prints either.

You'll see that the print quality for draft settings is barely distinguishable from full quality black and white and also that your printer will print the pages much faster.

So, you'll be avoiding the hassles of getting new print cartridges and printing faster!

Watch as your printer zoom through pages with these settings!

This can save you lots of time and money, so I suggest you keep these settings.

If you want print something of highly quality, you can manually set the print quality when you are printing that particular job (which is probably only 5-10% of the time).

Often times I find that I start printing something, only to realize that it is set on regular settings, using more ink than necessary.

By setting the defaults to draft quality and plain paper, you only have to remember to change the settings on those somewhat rare occasions when you want to print color or a higher quality black and white print.

Jay Gilbert is a small business owner and internet publisher. You can visit one of his sites at for some interesting tips on using Microsoft Word.


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