Small Touches That Will Make Your Cleaning Company Stand Out

Steve Hanson

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Your cleaning company can have a big impact on its clients by paying attention to small details that other cleaning services miss. Following are few simple guidelines to make your customers feel like they are getting special treatment.

  • People think of their desks as an extension of themselves. Your employees should leave a desk as they found it, minus the dirt.

    The general rule is to clean a desktop if it is clear. Leave desks that are covered with papers and projects alone. When cleaning a desk, pick up objects with one hand (phones, pictures, etc. ) and dust with the other hand.

    Put everything back exactly where it was originally.

  • Making a habit of putting everything in its original position is twofold:
    - Many people get upset if something on their desk is moved even an inch.
    - You will never have to pay for something that has been misplaced.
  • Never set tools, cleaners, trash receptacles or chairs on furniture, desks, counters or upholstery while you are cleaning. Items can scratch surfaces and trash receptacles can leak and spoil the finish of furniture.
  • When you move something - clean it! If you have to move a piece of furniture or a fixture, take the opportunity to clean all sides and the floor underneath. Whenever you have to move anything, move it slowly. The careless moving around and bumping of furniture is what causes most damage.

  • Always ask! All furniture and fixtures will eventually need to be replaced. Never take it on yourself to fix something that needs a repair, no matter how minor. Point out the problem to your client.

  • If you break or damage something leave a note. No matter how careful we are occasionally things break. Employees need to report broken or damaged items to a supervisor and leave a note.
  • Paying attention to these small details will show that your company cares about its customers.

    These small touches take just a little time, but mean a lot!

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