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Want To Start A Small Business With Little Or No Money?


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Don't want to re mortgage the house to fund the start up cost
of a new business or franchise. Want to do something that when
you have finished, you can stand back and get satisfaction from
the work you have done.

Good with your hands, know how to use a drill. Something a man
or woman can do. Sick and tired of working in an office 9 to 5
week in week out.

Want to get out and about meeting new people and go new places.
Want to create an easy to run small business that you can run
part time to start. Then move onto full time with out risking
your present income.

Then why not do what I do for a living. I will never be rich
doing this, but I enjoy going to work pretty much most days.
That's more than 90 % of people can say. I make a comfortable
living and get to choose my own hours.

So your saying “what do you do for a living thats so good".
Well in a nutshell I fit curtains, I can hear you say what do
you mean you fit curtains.

Just after I tell people what I do for a living. There is a pause
while they look at me strangely then say oh!

This is probably the point that you say, but I know nothing
about curtains or window treatments. You don't need to know
anything right now. With a bit of research to start and a bit
of practice at home and a friend or two's home. You will have
enough to get started the rest you will learn on the job.

I'm sure your thinking it sounds too simple it won't work. Well
it's the way I got started and I got my nephew started full time
in his own curtain fitting business.

I can't do one to one with you, but I can do the next best thing.
I have built a website all about window treatments and how they
are fitted. I am continuing to write new stuff all the time. For
the moment all the info is free.

Go on step out and change your life. I worked in an office for 10
years and hated it. The only regret I have is that I did not do
it sooner.

You may be thinking how much can you earn doing this. Well it's all
about supply and demand. Everyone has windows that need dressing.
We all know a plumber or electrician or a joiner.

But when was the last time you ever bumped into a curtain fitter.
You never wondered who fitted those curtains in that hotel or restaurant.

If this article has made you think about a new career then take a look
at my website and see if you think it might be for you.

Lee Stevens From Window treatments Made easy

Luck is where the crossroads of hard work and opportunity cross.


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