Dramatically Improved Sales Begins By Being that Red Jacket in the Crowd of Gray Suits

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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In 2003, the Small Business Administration reported that of the 5.7 million firms in the United States only 17,000 firms employed 500 or more employees. Small business accounts for 99% of all businesses. In other words, there is a lot of gray suits standing on the same corner with you trying to get business.

Your challenge, if you decide to accept, is to discover how make yourself unique among all of those gray suits. Or better yet, how can you be the one bright red suit in that crowd of gray? Take a moment to visual yourself being that bright red suit. Look around. How do you feel?

You may be feeling pretty good, but telling yourself it’s just picture in my mind. It’s not real. But, yes it is real. Your thoughts can make it real along with this additional strategy.

When someone asks you want do you do, how do you respond? Do you tell them that you sell widgets or provide a service for widgets? HINT:That’s what all those over gray suits are saying.

Stop selling what you do be it consulting, web sites, professional services, cars, whatever! And start selling results!

Can you share in 30 seconds or less the results that “sell” your clients to “buy from you”? As the old expression goes, “no one likes to be sold, but everyone likes to buy. ” Make them want to buy from you by selling your results. Very quickly, your mental image of being the ONLY Red Suit in a crowd of gray will quickly materialize and your results will double as well.

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