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Contact Manager - How To Get The 3 Powerful Capabilities Of A Grown-Up Contact Manager - Part 1

Sami Fab

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To get the 3 powerful capabilities of a grown-up (well developed) Contact Manager, you first must know what these capabilities are. Then add them to the top of your requirements list when looking for the right Contact Manager.

I have seen a great many Contact Management Systems and some excellent ones. However, it is rare that you find one affording you growth, mobility and multilevel protection. What does this mean! Well, let's look at the first of these powerful capabilities.


Let me ask you this? Are you in business to work every hour of your life for all of your life? or are you working towards growing your business so that pretty soon you “manage" your business - that is work on it and not in it - so you can have more free time and a much higher income too?

Of course the latter. Then you must make sure every tool, product and service you assess and purchase for your business, including your Contact Manager, is “scalable" as far as possible. This is more important in the case of a Contact Manager because transition from one system to another is often a long and very painful process.

Scalability means the ability for your Contact Manager to:

* handle more data records

* more simultaneous users

* more data processing

* more backup systems and functionality

* more security levels

* etc

. . when your business needs them. That also includes a graded cost structure so you don't pay for a large scale system until you are ready. Here is an education money cannot buy you:

Only a year ago, I wanted to outsource my telemarketing operation to a small company that was only about 50 miles from my location. I needed a Contact Manager so I could work with the external telemarketing team.

The team's tasks were to make the calls, book appointments for me, record requests for sales brochures, etc. I'd then check the tasks they'd assign to me such as go to the appointments and my secretary would send out sales brochures etc.

After a lengthy search, I found a leading system that, kind of ticked all the boxes. It cost only $125 per person . . . so I thought I needed 3 licenses! Boy was I wrong.

The vendor said, because the software was to be used in multiple locations, even their “site license" at $25,000 didn't cover my need. They “offered me" their enterprise license at around $45,000! They didn't have a per-user license for multiple locations even though I was prepared to pay much more than $125 for each license.

Here is what you must remember: You “do" want scalability - it is really important. But you shouldn't pay for it until you need it and then, only in proportion to your needs. Hopefully, by now you realize the value of scalability as a powerful feature of your Contact Manager.

So, do you already know your best options for low cost Contact Management Software with power features? Find out at Power Features - - Click Here

Dr Sami C Fab is an expert in Contact Management. He has developed and implemented Contact Management Software Systems perfectly suited to small and medium companies.


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