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Take a note from the movie industry on the value of building a franchise. Franchises usually do a good job about building cross-selling opportunities into everything they do. Two recent franchise movies have taught me that some in Hollywood are very talented in this regard.

"Star Wars" many moons ago showed us how successful movie franchises could be.

Recently, there came “2 Fast 2 Furious. " They are offering “Fast and Furious" car accessories up to and including the “Fast and Furious NOS Kits".

But the king was yet to be seen. By far the best job I have seen from the Hollywood types is “The Matrix" trilogy. They designed and had Samsung build products to be used in the movie, from which could later be marketed to the die hard loyalist fans of “The Matrix" trilogy.

It is like they have always said. The easiest sale a business can make is to an existing and satisfied customer.

Put some thought into your own business and find ways to tweak your ability to earn money from your existing and loyal client base.

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