Business Income - What Am I Gonna Make?

Joshua Feinberg

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Business income is determined by business inputs. This having been said, so many beginning computer consultants want to know what they will make in the first year. They try to base their business decisions on what they think an average business income will be.

We can't tell you how much you're going to make. Your business income is dependent on so many variables that it is impossible for us to predict. What we can tell you are the variables that are within your control. Ask yourself the following questions and then analyze your self and your performance. With your answers you can make plans to maximize your business income.

What is your schooling and work experience/knowledge? Credentials can help win clients and increase business income.

How selective are you when accepting clients? If you take on anyone, you will inevitably end up working with people that are difficult and whose problems make your life miserable. The business income generated ends up being more trouble than it is worth.

What is your personality or temperament like? Do you get stressed and frustrated easily? What is your demeanor when dealing with clients? You need to be calm and professional at all times.

How much time do you spend making sales calls? Even if you hate doing it, this is a necessary activity for earning business income.

How well do you handle follow-up? The sales call or initial contact is just the start of a potential relationship. You will lose much business income if you fail to follow-up on your leads.

How aggressive are you with your marketing activities? The more diverse your marketing strategies, the greater your reach.

How good are your business partnerships with other advisers? Often overlooked, this is critical for maximizing your business income; not only from a networking perspective but from the knowledge and wisdom you will gain.

The Bottom Line on Business Income

Your business income is almost entirely in your hands. There are no average numbers because there are no average business owners. What you put into your business will be the deciding factor in how much business income you will generate. Look at each of your business decisions with business income in mind and then formulate a plan to make the most of the resources available to you.

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