How To Ruin Your Business


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If you're like the rest of us, you've spent a lot of time trying different things to make your online business come together. There are countless methods of conducting a viable marketing career, but there are also as many ways to destroy one as well.

In any endeavor, there are costs. You need to weigh the costs before even getting started. Oh, you know about up front capital, advertising costs, webhosting monthly rental fees, and the like, but. . .

The costs that many entrepreneurs aren't thinking about right off is the price of your reputation, your intergrity, and your name!

Whenever you put your name on something, you're staking your reputation on the product and how others view your sales pitch about it. The best way to ruin your business and any future business you might come up with, is to make false claims about it, or use deceptive methods to get people to read what you have to say.

One example that comes to mind is the over use of the “Re:" in your email subject heading. I know who I write to, and I know what I write to others about. You're not going to fool me into thinking that your “Re:" is a reply to me. How stupid do you think people are?


Dishonesty only makes the rest of us think you have no confidence in your product, or you're selling us the same old thing that everyone else is. If you have no confidence in your product, or you have nothing new to sell us, it's time to rethink your business strategy!

Using subject headings that have nothing to do with your sales pitch is another way to get people to hit the delete button every time you send out emails. Do you really think people won't notice that you've interested them in something that you aren't prepared to offer?

In business, integrity is the greatest cost of all! Honesty is the best policy to maintain your integrity in tact and afford yourself the priviledge of continuing to prosper in business.

If you don't trust the quality and value of your product enough to lay it on the table, then how are you going to expect everyone else to trust you?

Remember. . . the most important thing you'll ever have to sell. . .

is YOU!

About The Author

K. R. Nadreau is the author of “Up Front Marketing ~ Selling Without Selling Yourself Short. " He's a motivational speaker/writer who has spoken to upwards of 2,500 at a time, and has been instrumental in the creation of countless successful businesses both for profit and non-profit. His articles about business and culture are read by thousands.


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