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Your Business New Year Resolutions

Elinor Stutz

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Do you make it an annual event to set new goals for the new year?

As the year is ending, now is the perfect time to reflect on what your major milestones were in 2005. Focus on how you achieved these milestones and what the next steps should be to capitalize on them. It will be wise to reflect on how you can achieve the next steps more quickly and easily.

You will also want to secretly admit to yourself the areas in which expenditure was fruitless and your time not well spent. What can you do differently moving forward? Consider in which areas you truly wish to improve and how to proceed.

Have you ever noticed that when you have a task list, you are able to complete the chores much more efficiently? The same will hold true for your goal list for 2006.

Write down your goals, memorize them and proceed to achieve them. Be sure to include a few “pie in the sky” daydreams such as “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” When you strive for the unreachable, on occasion, you may hit your target to be catapulted into a new host of wonderful daydreams.

An amazing thing happens when you admit what your wildest dreams are – somehow a few actually come true. I began writing a book to keep me busy. Then the reason evolved into giving my business more credibility. For me, self-publishing was an amazing experience in itself. Holding the first copy, I felt as if I had just given birth.

For “the experience of it” I pursued publisher never really expecting the book to be picked up. In fact, a few people laughed at the idea. But, it happened! A publisher offered a contract and an advance for my book.

Years ago, I used to daydream that people would pay to hear me speak. Two nights ago, I was approached to do just that! Once you reach what you thought was unreachable, you will find it is merely a springboard to new heights.

When you list your ideas for your new years goals, let your mind wander and write down the ideas that come to you. Focus on the ones that complement one another both near and far term. I have made a sample list to give you an idea of what to consider.

1. Clean your office
2. Back up your important computer files
3. Clean up your email
4. Examine your expenditures; eliminate the poor ROI
5. Determine in which areas you most need help and go get it
6. Take classes to build your knowledge
7. Find a mentor
8. Network with others a couple of notches ahead of you
9. Be more receptive to ideas outside of your comfort zone
10. Help others following your footsteps
11. Occasionally partner with others to extend you service
12. When you make an error (we all do) be quick to apologize
13. Take an occasional risk knowing full well some won’t turn out well while others will exceed your expectations
14. If you have partners, alliances or employees – treat them as you wish to be treated, while making certain they deliver the service you originally designed
15. Budget for growth

Long ago, I learned if you wish to aspire to a higher level in corporate America, you must look and act the part. Once you take on that persona, you will be promoted to fill the position.

Likewise, refine the vision for your business of what it will look and feel like 1, 5 and 10 years from now. Proceed as if you are almost there. You will quickly become the vision as you embrace it.

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