How To Pick The Right Direct Sales Company

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I have people ask me all the time what direct sales company they should join. This may seem like a simple question, but unfortunately it isn’t that easy to answer. The short answer is “It depends”. Let me explain why and what you should look for in a direct sales company that is right for you. The ideal or best direct sales company for you should fulfill as many of the following criteria as possible.

Love The Product

The most important thing when picking a direct sales company is that you love the product. Don’t join a company because you think the product would be easy to sell, find one with a product that you actually use, find helpful and enjoy. Your passion for the product will come across as you tell others about it and make selling it much easier. Your potential customers will sense how much you like and enjoy the product. This can go a long way in earning their trust to spend their hard earned dollars with you. And no – you can’t fake that kind of passion for a product. Don’t even try.

Fair and Competitive Compensation

Keep in mind that you are in this to earn a living, even if your goal is only to make a couple hundred bucks a month. Take a look at what some of the other direct sales companies are paying, both in commission and bonuses. Make sure the companies you have narrowed it down to offer a fair and competitive compensation plan.

While you are looking at this, also keep in mind how much you will have to spend to join. How quickly can you expect to recoup your initial investment? I would be much rather inclined to give a company with a slightly lower compensation a try if it doesn’t cost me much to join.

Great Customer Service

Have you ordered something through the company? Do you know someone else who has ordered through them as a customer? How was the customer service experience? Part of your long-term strategy is to build up a customer base that will order through you over and over again. Bad customer service on the company end will make keeping your customers hard.

Training and Support For You

Last, but not least, you want to make sure the company offers you the training and support to help you grow your business. Do they have a training manual and ongoing meetings or classes? You should also discuss when and how you could contact your sponsor for support. Talk to other reps in the organization, or even better find someone who is no longer with the company and talk to them about their experiences dealing with the company as a rep.

Don’t just take your sponsor’s word for it. Remember, she may be sugar-coating things a little, since she will be compensated for recruiting you. Overall, take your time evaluating any direct-sales company you are considering joining. Don’t just jump in, do you homework and I am sure you will find the Direct Sales Company that is right for you.

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