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Kurt Mortensen

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Research shows the old style techniques of persuasion and influence have lost their effectiveness. So after timeless research and application, I found the answer to persuasion and influence.

I used to think you could be successful by just reading the books. That is a great start, there is some great information there and I believe in reading the books, but you need a little bit more than that. If you want to learn how to play basketball you can read the book. You will understand the rules, but if you look at Michael Jordan, the book wasn't enough. I don't even know if he read a book. He went out and found a couch and found a mentor. There are two ways to learn in life. You can learn by trial and error or you can learn from somebody else. Success is found in the practice and the proper application of the right techniques. Success is an open book test, the answers are there and that is what I want to give you. Great persuaders have the right tools. I want to give you a new set of tools because one size does not fit all your prospects. You can't force all of them into the same mold and use the old school tactics. Why? We know persuasion has changed.

In the past we did not know how our consumer thought, what persuaded them to buy or take action. Most people in sales and marketing were shooting in the dark. We hoped or guessed what we were doing what working. Sure it worked some of the time, but I hope you are not happy with that success rate. In fact Dr. DiMaggio of Harvard University said, “We've learned more about the human brain in psychology in the past ten years than we have in the entire history of psychology and neuroscience. " Persuasion and influence is an art and a science. First you must understand persuasion and influence has changed in the past twenty years. Your consumer, your prospect, your consumer, has changed. They are bombarded with over five thousand persuasive messages a day. Your prospect is more educated and more skeptical than ever before. If you try those old style techniques, you will loose sales, you will loose prospects. What good is a sales tool that only works part of the time? Can you imagine if the breaks on your car only worked part of the time? The key is to have the right tools and the more tools you have the more persuasive you become.

Now there is a big difference between persuasion and influence. Persuasion is what you do and you say. Influence is who you are, your credibility, your trust, your charisma, your passion. Now the best way to convince somebody or to change somebody's mind is through influence because of who you are. You ask them to do something and they do it because of who you are. They don't need proof, they don't need statistics, they don't need features, and they don't need benefits. That is what you need to work toward, to become a great persuader. But again, times have changed. People don't trust you. When you think about on average, only forty percent of the people you meet will actually trust you. Now forty years ago people trusted you until you gave them a reason not to. Now today people don't trust you until you have proven it and given them a reason to trust you. That is the difference. That is one of the reason persuasion has changed.

You have all seen great persuaders in action. Again it is who you are. You have seen the presence of some people that automatically attracts everyone to them. Where ever they go, people are captivated and influenced by their radiant energy and their dynamic personality and they want to be persuaded by them. Most people where a badge that says, “Convince me, help me make a decision, there is too much information, I need somebody to trust to help steer me in the right direction. " When you talk about persuasion and influence, these skills can and should be learned.

Learning how to persuade and influence will make the difference between hoping for a better income and having a better income. Beware of the common mistakes presenters and persuaders commit that cause them to lose the deal. Get your free report 10 Mistakes That Continue Costing You Thousands and explode your income today.

Kurt Mortensen’s trademark is Magnetic Persuasion; rather than convincing others, he teaches that you should attract them, just like a magnet attracts metal filings. He teaches that sales have changed and the consumer has become exponentially more skeptical and cynical within the last five years. Most persuaders are using only 2 or 3 persuasion techniques when there are actually 120 available! His message and program has helped thousands and will help you achieve unprecedented success in both your business and personal life.

If you are ready to claim your success and learn what only the ultra-prosperous know, begin by going to http://www.PreWealth.com and getting my free report “10 Mistakes That Continue Costing You Thousands. " After reading my free report, go to http://www.PreWealth.com/IQ and take the free Persuasion IQ analysis to determine where you rank and what area of the sales cycle you need to improve in order to close every sale!


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