How to Sell Promotional Products?

Uday Patel

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Promotional Products are used to fetch awareness, create brand and product recall by the target audience. The items are mostly daily use or utility based and low in cost. Some of the items are toys, bags, shirts, stationary, mugs, coasters and so on. In order to be classified as promotional products the items carry an imprint which is simply a brand name, logo or a pertinent message.

All marketing ad campaigns especially those promoting consumer durables and non durable need lot of propaganda using the items mentioned above. To some extant people/companies promote their services as well. Major companies promote their name often using these items.

Like major marketing campaigns using audio visuals and media this type of marketing is highly specialized. Special teams usually conduct the campaigns using years of skills and experience. But the first step in creating a successful ad campaign begins from the items themselves. It is the innovation and creative ability of the manufacturers that make the difference.

Hence the right product line is of utmost importance. The focusing has to be perfect vis a vis the industry and the audience. The exercise begins with creating samples in small quantities basically for test marketing. This done and a positive result achieved the campaign goes ahead on full scale.

Depending upon the industry or the type of product the channels are finalized. These items are usually gifted or palmed as souvenirs to those already loyal to the companies products. Or piggy back ride could be resorted to using another highly successful product. The brand awareness item could be gifted along as a scheme or sold at a lesser price. Since not all items are distributed free of cost some are distributed at cost albeit diluted.

The items are dedicated to the target market a promotional tooth brush would be best suited for dentist or the dental industry. Similarly kids products would best use toys or bags to attract them towards the product intended for higher sales.

Foot salesmen are usually selected from marketing agencies. Their job is to conduct sales using direct contact. Direct contact with target audience is usually carried out door to door or at a mall. Associated point of purchase materials increase the impact of the campaign. Mail delivery is also one of means of distributing promotional products directly to the target audience.

Large scale distribution can be done through stadium attendees, malls, small shops and kiosks. Institutional contact and distribution albeit difficult as it requires formalities to be done can be very successful.

There is no limit to number of strategies that could be resorted to distribute promotional products anywhere in the World.

Uday writes often on business hence the article on promotional marketing products for increasing sales. He writes on many business strategies on marketing and management.


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Getting Your Message Across With Promotional Products
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