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How to Succeed on eBay


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You hear people talking about how much money they make selling on eBay, you see the advertisements on television, read about it in magazines, and hear all the hype on the radio, so you decide to give it a try. You have a few things you think might be worth a few dollars, so why not auction it off, right? You head over to the eBay site, register and create an account. Now that you accomplished this, all you have to do is list your item, sit back, and wait for the hordes of people you just know will be bidding. Day one, no bidders-oh well, it’s still too early in the game-the bids will come. By day four you may be wondering what is going on-still no bids. Well, you listed for seven days, so people are probably waiting until the very end to swoop in.

Suddenly, there are only minutes to the end of the auction, you have only one single bid, and that is only for one dollar! What you are selling is worth more than that-you paid five times that amount, but the auction is closing, you never set a reserve price, so you know what that means, don’t you? You are obligated to sell your item for one dollar, and since you offered free shipping in your listing, you are stuck with that expense too. Didn’t make much money, did you? No, in fact, you lost on that transaction. What do you think went wrong? Well, for one thing, you jumped in too fast, didn’t do any research, had no idea what you were doing, and the only thought you had was that you were going to make a lot of money quickly.

Unfortunately, a lot of first-time eBay sellers make this very same mistake, and not taking the time to learn the ropes, get all the information needed about successful selling, or knowing the listing process, has the same disastrous consequences. Disillusioned sellers who have no idea where they went wrong. EBay is not just a buying and selling venue-there is quite a lot to learn before you can start to make the kind of money you imagine, and even then, it takes time, patience, and plenty of determination to get to where you want to be. You can’t just throw an item in anywhere and expect people to notice it. You have to know what is selling at a particular time, how much demand there is, and how to price it so it will move.

If you are selling something, there’s a good chance that a hundred other people are listing the same item, especially if it is something “hot” at the moment. You want to make your listing stand out from all the others, so that all the bidders will stop, click on your listing, and either place a bid, or add you to their “watch” list. The only way to accomplish this is by learning every trick in the book about effective eBay selling. And the way to do this is by using eBay research tools to learn how. Pricing, timing, categorizing, how to add a description that is an attention grabber, reserve pricing, buy it now listing, and more are what you need to know to move your items.

Don’t be disheartened if you mess up the first time or two. Step back and ask yourself what went wrong, compare your listing to others that have tons of bids, use the tutorials eBay offers to help you, read all you can about how people achieve success, and then begin again, albeit wiser this time around. Selling on eBay is just like being at a new job-you need to learn the ropes before you can move ahead, get comfortable about what you are doing, and put all that knowledge to good use. If you do this, you’ll be selling like a pro before too long.


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Selling On eBay - eBay Power Seller Stealth Secrets Revealed (Part3)
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