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Referrals, Referrals, Referrals - Key to Building Your Business

Manny Nowak

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The first question I am going to ask - do you ask for referrals? Amazingly, most people do not. Second question, are your customers so happy with you and your product/service that they tell others about you? If they are, then you should be asking even more. Do you get upset when someone asks you for referrals - then you must not be that happy with the product. If I am happy, if I am a customer for life, then I want others to know about this product/service, I am giving you referrals and I am telling others about you.

Just ask your customers the questions.

*Do you know anyone else who might want to use this product/service?
*Are you happy with our product/service? Can you think of anyone you know who might be interested?
*Thank you very much for your order; I know you will enjoy the product/service. Now that you have selected us, could you think of anyone else who might be interested?

Do you have a referral program in place in your organization? Not just for customers, but what about employees? What if someone gives you a lead and it turns into business? Do you take care of them? Why should they give you another one?

Second key to making a referral into a real lead, ask the next question.

*Would you mind giving them a call? Introducing me?
*Could I use your name? Could you give them a call and let them know I will be calling them?

We spend countless hours, days, weeks, months and even years working to get more business, to build our organizations, to get more business. We advertise, we market, we cold call, we network, etc, etc, etc. But what about just asking the people we deal with for some referrals.

Try this test and please email me back what you learn.

Take 5 of your customers, those that are happy with your product/service, and that you have a good relationship with. Now speak with each one of them, and ask them for referrals. “Hi Mary, we have been doing business together for a bit now and I do believe you are happy with our product or service"? YES. I am trying to build our base and was wondering if you knew anybody who might be interested in our product? YES. Now you get the list.

Next question: Would you mind calling them and letting them know I will be getting in touch with them. Also, if you could put in a good word, I would be very happy.

The number one reason you don't get referral is simply: YOU DON'T ASK.

Manny Nowak has spent over 25 years helping people create success in their lives. An ex-marine and former top-notch computer programmer, Manny has an extensive background helping other achieve extreme levels of success. Manny is the author of over a dozen books; CD's and tools that focus on your ability to achieve greater success in all areas of your life (personal and professional). So stop hesitating - YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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Getting the Benefits of Referrals
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