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The Six Rules That Will Help You Make More Sales


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According to Websters dictionary “Ego" is defined as the entire man, body and soul. The physical and physcic being that fashions peoples drives, desires and ambitions that makes each person unique. Because every person is different, in order to make a person buy, you have to recognise their differences in order to get through to their ego.   Every person is egocentric, which means people spend 95% of their time thinking about themselves and how their world is affecting them at that moment. . In order to break through their ego barrier we must do two things, focus our own attention on them as a whole person and then apply the 6 rules of good human interaction.

The six rules were set down by Carnegie in a bestseller he wrote on how to make people like you. Remember as a salesperson you are in the human relationship business and people will only buy from people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

The six rules to get people to like you are:

1)  Show a genuine interest in the person you are meeting, by focusing on them and making good eye contact.

2) Smile.

3) Remember the persons name.   To that person their name is the most important sound in the English language.

4) Be a good listener.   People crave attention , so give it to them by asking them questions about themselves, the more time you focus on their lives and interests, by the law of reciprocity the more time they will be prompted to give you back. . It takes time to build rapport and the best way to earn it is by giving people the attention they crave and seldom get.

5) Make your presentation or conversation in terms of their interests. Get them talking about their interests whether it is their business, their hobbies or their families.

6) Make the other person feel important. and do it sincerely.

The majority of people have a natural resistance when meeting a stranger but this is doubly true when they meet a salesperson.

 Good human relations act as a catalyst  in the sales process and they speed up a positive reaction towards you.

You can help the process along by applying an activator to the catalyst  called “A compliment" This is a sure-fire way to getting the person on the road to liking you.

Don has over 35 years experience in sales and sales-management in the advertising and Insurance industries. He is a highly successful and motivated entrepreneur now retired but involved in coaching salespeople through articles, talks and his website. Email me with the most important question you have about how to increase your sales Hobbies include, coaching salesmanship and self development.


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