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Help, I Urgently Need to Increase Sales

Cheryl Clausen

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Whether you've been selling for a while, or you're new to the business you may find yourself in dire need of sales. The more desperate you get to increase sales the worse you do. You continue this frustrating path until something or someone gets you to step back and evaluate why you're in a bind.

It isn't the economy, it isn't price, it isn't quality, it isn't a lack of features that are keeping your from selling more. You aren't selling more because you're approaching it from the wrong end of the transaction. Your focus is on you. . . you. . . you and what you need and want.

As long as you continue to focus on what you need and what you want you can expect this poor selling pattern to continue. Even if you do more of what you're doing your sales will still be proportionally poor. I mean, come on, if you keep doing what you've been doing why on earth would you expect different results?

Sales isn't some voodoo proposition where if the stars line up right, if your attitude is sufficiently positive, or if you're just lucky enough you'll sell something. The only people who believe those things are people who don't know how to sell. The only people who believe those things are people who don't understand why people buy, and why they don't.

If you urgently need to increase sales you urgently need to understand the one thing that will make that happen for you. That one thing you need to understand is why someone would logically want to buy what you have to sell. That means you have to look at the transaction from the buyers perspective.

You can't make someone want something they don't already want. Rather you need to understand what they already want, what they're already looking for. Then you must talk about what you have to offer in terms of what they want and only in those terms.

Stop trying to push a string when it's so much easier to pull one. When you make that first connection don't try to push the prospect. Open that connection in such an interesting and intriguing way they'll simply have to want to know more. Then be ready to make knowing more a low risk proposition they'd have to be daffy to pass on.

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