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Is Your Sales Force Or Even Yourself Dialing For Dollars Or Disappointment?

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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Does your sales force or even yourself have stiff fingers from all that dialing for new sales or dollars? Have those actions spurned additional desires to continue (success) or disappointment (failure)? What do you need to do to turn the phone into a gold mine instead of a land mine?

The telephone is a critical sales skill tool in the quest to increase sales. Now with technology allowing connectivity from mobile phones to email staying in touch with prospects has never been easier. Given this great tool, why are there still so many sales professionals not making their sales goals to increase sales?

Sales research suggests that 48% of sales people never follow-up with a prospect. Their telephones must feel like potential land mines waiting to explode in their hands. F. E. A. R. s that being False Evidence Appearing Real must be driving their behaviors and ultimately their sales skills. After investing all that time to find those prospects, not making that next effort to connect with them just does not make any sense at all.

If the sales professionals are of the 52% who do follow up with a prospect, then only half of them make a second call. Wow! Talk about a lot of F. E. A. R.being present. Of course this could be because many in sales lack a marketing plan in which to build that ongoing relationship through email, direct mail, personal visits, etc. or are quite clueless about relationship selling.

Of the half of make that second sales call, less than half of them make a third contact. As the numbers go, businesses have potentially lost over 80% of all sales activity.

Just take a few moments to think about all that lost productivity, those wasted sales skills, entertainment dollars not to mention a lot of negative feelings. These statistics truly indicate that sales professionals do confuse motion with progress and activity with results for relationship selling is all about progress and results.

Sales Coaching Tip: If your goal to increase sales is not being achieved, then determine how many contacts that you are making with your qualified prospects. Improve your sales skills by increasing those contacts beyond 3 attempts to actively engage in relationship selling.

Remember that Rome was not built in a day and your goal to increase sales will not happen overnight. By accepting this realization, you will stop dialing for disappointment and being dialing for real dollars while building authentic relationships.

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Is your business facing inconsistent or insufficient cash flow, lackluster sales to poor productivity? Maybe some exercise at the sales coaching training gym will get you to where you want to go?

Leanne Hoagland-Smith helps small business owners to C Level executives from Chicago to Indianapolis to worldwide who are truly tired of struggling to unlock the results that they want. Call 219.759.5601 to schedule a free business coaching or sales coaching strategy session to begin to quickly unlock tomorrow's solutions today.


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