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Free Giveaways Increase Leads and Increases Sales Profits


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A LOGICAL OBJECTION    A struggling salesperson who is cash strapped, might find it hard to spend more money. You are not spending, you are investing in becoming more successful. Only when it is proven to work should you spend money to make more money.  I can prove how many more of your appointments will turn into sales. Additionally you will see you average sale size increase upward. You are not an old dog, and I am simply showing you an old trick with a new twist.

CONDITIONS YOU MUST ABIDE BY   Whether you are attempting to increase your lead response, or you sales closes you must follow a couple rules. First you must present you gift receiving opportunity with no stings attached. They must not feel obligated to buy or refer prospects to you. Secondly, if both prospecting and sales presentations, they must receive your gift(s) at the initial stages. Third, your giveaways’ to increase leads or increase sales must be of equal value for that particular situation.

CHOOSING GIVEAWAYS     You have a wide choice of incentive gifts to offer, but some will work better and are more cost effective.  If you offer a giveaway, your prospect must conceive that it is of value to them. That means no IMPRINTS with your name on them, your clients really do not want them. Should you offer a free item that you have to ship out to lead respondents it is going to cost you lots of time and shipping costs. Discount coupons are not free giveaways so do not use them. To reach quality at an affordable price we must separate those to increase leads from free items to increase sales profits.

DO YOU HAVE YOUR OWN WEBSITE? If you don't have one you should. For $10.00 a month you have excellent web site hosting to manage your internet site. With all the space and bandwidth allowed, it the same price as what $50 monthly would have got you years ago. Another $50 to $100 can get you all the software and articles to make setting up your website a breeze. Nevertheless, one of the most important features of an internet website is to offer your prospects free downloads. Free downloads is an innovative and rather new way to enhance your response on direct marketing. You often can increase leads by 50% to 100% depending upon your offer.

WHY YOU NEED FREE DOWNLOADS   Receiving something of value absolutely free just for responding gets many more of your direct marketers to ponder your offer. That chance to get something they want for free is almost irresistible, especially if you word it right. You are guaranteeing a prize, not just a chance to get one. Your free item(s) have to show value, yet be affordable to you. Books that are digitally downloaded are called Ebooks. If you have set up a download you pay no postage, nor spend much time providing the prospect the gift(s).  

An ideal download in my opinion would be giving away 3 different Ebooks. I would choose one on Cooking Recipes, another on Fitness or Weight Loss, and the last one on positive thing. That way you are appealing to different emotions your group of prospects. For a one-time fee of around $50.00 you could obtain personal use rights and giveaway rights to all 3 ebooks. Your client goes to your website download page and within seconds receives either one, two, or all three. You don't care if they take all three, you can legally give away a thousand copies of each of these books. Nothing else tested, even including dollar bills with your letter, has been recently found as a better way of increasing response.

INCREASING SALES WITH FREE GIVEAWAYS     If you sell an item that will provide you at least $200 if you make a sale, you cannot exclude giveaways. The easiest to use giveaways are gift certificates, which almost every store carries. Store to department stores or big chain stores are NOT recommended. You want to choose gift certificates your prospect will immediately put to good use. During the next week you prospects are most likely going to buy groceries, put gas in their car, purchase a pizza, and get some fast food.

Think of items like these. Your gift certificate amount should depend on part, what an additional sale is worth to you. Therefore, it could range from $10.00 to $30.00. If you ask the store manager, you may get a discount for purchasing $100 or $200 of gift certificates at a time. Just before the interview starts, just casually present one to your prospect client. Say something like this. “As a matter of the way I operate, and to show you I care about the people I see, I give one of these to each of the people I see. After all you were kind enough to let me come over and explain the benefits my product might provide to you. But remember this puts no obligation on your part, okay?" 

The heck it does not! If you were a garage sales fanatic and drove 40 miles to this jumbo sale, I dare you to walk out without buying one item. You feel obligated, especially if the garage sales owner immediately provides you with a free hot dog and coffee, and tells you $3 will be knocked off an item because of your time to drive out.  If your are the free giver, your client cannot help but think you are one of the few salespeople that can be trusted. Watch the body language, and see how much more receptive your client is to carefully listen to your sales presentation. Your chance of making a sale is totally in your hands. If you cannot increase sales than you totally lack sales ability.

Give and you shall receive.

Increasing sales is important to new and experienced salespeople. You can read more articles like this at Don Yerke, author and publisher is well know for all his articles about sales, marketing, and struggles of new salespeople.


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