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Phone Selling Techniques

Jim Meisenheimer

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Here are several easy and practical phone selling techniques you can use to increase your sales.

First - do not underestimate the value and the role your telephone plays in your selling success.

There are two options when it comes to recording your voicemail message. You can change your message every day or you can rely on one good message. I suggest you don't change your voicemail message every day. I know the reasons why you might be doing it this way but there is more work than there is benefit to you.

When you record your permanent voicemail message - do it while standing up. You'll have more energy and your message will sound better. Avoid the dreaded monotone and talking too fast - which is what you're more likely to do when you change your message everyday.

Make sure you're smile-talking when using the telephone to make or take phone calls. To help you maintain a smile throughout the phone call I suggest you buy and use a 4" X 5" mirror. Place this mirror near your telephone in your office. Check the mirror often to make sure you're smiling. When you're on the phone you can tell whether or not the other person is smiling and so can the other person.

When using a telephone in your office use a telephone headset - Plantronics offers a wide selection to choose from. This frees up your hands and allows you to become more animated and you'll sound more energetic and professional.

Another phone selling technique is to take good notes whenever you're talking to a sales prospect or customer. Obviously, you don't want to do this while you're driving - only when you're in your home office.

One of the secrets to selling more everyday is to listen carefully to what your sales prospects are saying. When you listen carefully you'll often pick up clues about their challenges and opportunities. And the best way to listen carefully is to ask sales questions skillfully.

For example, “What qualities are you looking for in a supplier" is a terrific question that often gets your sales prospect talking. Imagine your sales prospect responding with, “My best suppliers are the ones who are the most responsive and the most reliable. "

Now you're thinking “That's a good answer and we're responsive and very reliable. "

You can't know that for sure unless you know how specifically your sales prospect defines “Responsive" and “Reliable. "

So you'll want to ask a follow-up question like, “When you say responsive, how are you defining that?"

The telephone is an extraordinary business tool. It's also a great time saver.

From time to time you should record yourself so that you can hear what your sales prospects and customers hear. If you haven't done this within the last 12 months you're in for some surprises. As soon as you play back the recording your telephone skills will improve dramatically.

These are just a few phone selling techniques you can use to start selling more today and everyday.

Jim Meisenheimer shows salespeople how to increase sales using no-brainer selling skills.

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