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Sales Strategy Techniques Make it Impossible to Say No


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NEVER ASSUME Until you are a sales professional that you prospect is genuine or not. Otherwise you just undermined all your sales ability. You are then a fearful sales order taker. Take up the challenge to stay ahead of your prospect. Here are 4 key sales strategy techniques.

THE WRONG SALES STRATEGY Never Ever word a question that can possibly be answered with a “No". Asking “Don't you think my product is great" could get back “No, I really want to shop around". Saying “Are you ready to buy now" can be answered “No, I am not in any big hurry. " By remarking “Can I enroll you in this plan now" can result in the prospect saying “No, we will let you know what we decide"

SALES STRATEGY: Giving compliments and a gift to make you hard not to like. One way is, “I just bought a couple of these new quality pens. They seem to write great. I am going to give you this new pen. That way you can jot down any notes you want. " Here is one of the best to boost their pride. “My what a wonderful _ collection you have. Please let me take a closer look at your favorite piece" Another one is, “How long have you lived here?, By the looks of your _, you must be very talented to keep it in such good shape. "

SALES STRATEGY Never focus on just one benefit or emotion. You could be striking the wrong one. Why say “This product has the lowest price", your client might demand the highest quality and be willing to pay for it. Remarking, “This shiny car will make you the _ of your entire neighborhood. " Your prospect might hate the neighbors. Pointing out, “This _ is ideal for removing any pet stains. " Your prospect does not own any pets.

Asking the wrong questions and phrasing them incorrectly gets you in trouble. Carefully wording the right questions, and asking them at the right time is different. You work to get the answer you want, then you move quicker toward the close.

THE BEST SALES STRATEGY: Making it almost impossible to get a no or negative response. Here were some that I used. “How am I doing so far?" This asks for a favorable opinion, and usually gets one. “I'm just curious, tell we what caught your interest to send back a reply? You now know what your client wants your product to do for them. “I did mention much about my sales career, do you think I am a rookie or a little experienced". Prospects want to buy from experienced sales people. Without revealing your background you just made yourself a professional in their eyes. So reply back with “Thanks, I'm glad you have confidence in me. "

THE ULTIMATE STRATEGY: Successful for me was using the option of choice. “I have shown you three ways you will benefit from _. Could you please help me out? Point to the one that that appeals to you. " You now know exactly where to hit hard. You were given a buy signal, pump up the benefits in this area and close. “IF you decide to buy would you be paying by cash or check". This tells you if the prospect is ready to buy or just needs some more convincing. You did not directly ask to make a decision, but to gauge how close you are.

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE is “which of these two options sound best right now? Keep you mouth shut until the prospect responds. If you are close to being good, you should get a positive response. Its very important in a husband and wife presentation to keep your visual attention entirely on the wife. She is usually the decision maker. She will often stop her husband and over rule him. Plus more often than not it is her that will go for the more expensive option.

Remember, you never asked them to buy. You just asked for an opinion. If necessary, you keep proceeding for the sale.

Applying sales strategy techniques from above means you always stay in complete control. Go to the interview assuming the sale is already made, and your presentation is just a formality.

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