No Horse is Too Dead to Beat!

Gary Zalben

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Remember the sandwich with the image of the Virgin Mary on it that sold on ebay for thousands of dollars? That's a perfect example that “no horse is too dead to beat!" Many probably wondered what did this person do to sell something of, apparently, no value whatsoever.

Three important factors, in fact, very important factors were into play here.

1- The Confidence Factor. Ebay is a well-known, reputable and extremely popular shopping hub and it has the people's confidence. When you inspire confidence to your customers, your customers will buy from you with closed eyes and when the confidence level is high, the adrenaline level is also high.

2- The Psychological Factor. When the adrenaline level is high, people feel motivated to do things and sometimes people do things that seems strange to others, but in reality a specific item may have real meaning to the buyer for many different reasons only the buyer knows. Maybe it felt good to purchase something unique. Maybe the person wanted to feel “in control" by owning something everybody talks about. Henceforth, by buying this “thing", the person feels in control.

3- The Real Value Factor. On the other hand, maybe the product or item is a problem solving instrument or perhaps a marketing tool! Or, maybe the buyer is a religious fanatic; therefore, the item is of real value to the buyer.

For these and many other reasons any horse is worth persistence, persistence and more persistence and no giving up. This horse was not delivered unto this world in defeat. It has the spirit of a Lion and it will not walk, talk, or sleep with the sheep, and it will always take another beating, and another and yet another until they see its real value!

The prizes of life are indeed at the end of each journey not at the beginning.

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