Sales: Fear of Failure Caused Your Failure?

Garrison Wynn

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Even Big Chickens Can Achieve Success

Heroes and cowards feel the same fear. It is the action they take that separates them. The idea that we have to develop courage to succeed is ludicrous. Successful people take action while they are afraid.

Transferal of fear

If you seem unsure of yourself, the customer picks up on it. (Have you ever bought anything from a really sweaty salesperson?) Then the customer fears failure. He is afraid he won’t get what he needs or your product will not perform as you’ve described.

Credibility and projected confidence are cures for the customer’s fear. You can achieve that credibility and confidence through testimonials: current customers telling her how well your product serves their needs. What you say about your product is not enough. What others say is proof.

Worst-Case Scenario

No one sales call will make or break your career. What’s the worst thing that can happen? The prospect says no!

If you never asked for the sale, never tried to close, you would never know the outcome — and the sting of rejection does not last as long as eternal regret.

A hero is a coward who just hung in there one minute longer.

Top-producing salespeople kick their projected confidence into gear regardless of how they feel. Many great salespeople have closed big deals with great confidence … and then freaked out in the parking lot afterward.

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure
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