Real Estate Agents: Promote Those 'Exclusive Properties' at Light Speed With Personalised Web Pages

Keith Longmire

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Have you ever wanted to build your own web pages to promote those special properties?

You know the sort of thing - the properties that will appeal primarily to a select group of your clients.

Maybe they're high value. Perhaps they are in a particularly sought after area that doesn't come on the market too often. Or maybe they are a little quirky but sure to appeal to a specific set of people.

You probably already have a number of potential buyers. What you need to do is get the details in front of them right away.

Most real estate agents stick with what they know and simply print up the details and send them around by post.

There's nothing wrong with that of course.

It's just that in this modern world your customers increasingly expect instant service. More active estate agents rely on the telephone. You get on the phone and call all the people on your list. It takes time. And for this sort of property time equals money.

Get The Details in Your Prospects Hands in Minutes

The perfect way to get the information into your customers hands is via the web. Create high quality professional web pages containing the property descriptions, plans and photographs. All you need to do then is to send an email to your prospect list with a link to those pages.

Until now this approach has been too slow and expensive. Instructing a web designer costs thousands. Getting the information to them and proof reading the delivered web sites takes too long - you need results now.

And now there is a way you can do it for yourself in minutes. No web development skill is needed. If you can use a Word Processor and cut and paste in windows you can have high quality pages up in a moment.

XSitePro is a revolution in rapid web development tools. As easy to use as a Word Processor it nevertheless has an amazing range of features that make it suitable to an incredible range of web applications. For now I only interested in showing you how you could use XSitePro to improve the profits from your real estate business.

From Property Details to Professional Web Site in 20 Minutes

It's true. It really is possible to take the details of a property and to produce professional looking web pages in less than 20 minutes. It will take a little longer the first time but after that you will start to fly.

The steps that follow assume 2 things:

  • You already have a web site for which you have administration rights
  • You already have the property particulars, plans and photographs in a word processor document.
Right, with those provisos in mind, here's what you have to do:
  1. Create a sub domain on you main site. e. g. If your main site is called www.maxproper you would create a sub domain called something like barrington-manor. maxproper 2 min
  2. Open up XSitePro 1 min
  3. Create a new project, web site, set-up publishing details, create main page 8 min
  4. Paste the details from your word processor into the new page 1 min
  5. Preview the page and make any changes 5 min
  6. Publish the page 1 min
  7. Create an email to your prospects 2 min
  8. Send the email 0 min

There you go - 20 minutes from getting the typed details in your office you have constructed detailed, professional web pages. You have notified your prospects that a new property that might meet their needs. They have instant access to all the details. All you have to do now is wait for their calls.

If you have created your whole web site using XSitePro things are even easier. You simply start at step 4 - pasting the property details into a new web page. It'll take you less than 10 minutes to get details out to your prospects.

Cross Promote Other, Related Properties

Unlike traditional mailing of property details, web sites provide a golden opportunity to promote your other properties. e. g. Put some links on the barringtonmanor. maxproper to other exclusive properties, mention special offers, recent reductions, investment opportunities. . . The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

XSitePro is stunningly versatile web development tool. If you want to wow your customers you should check out XSitePro now.

Keith Longmire specialises in helping small businesses achieve rapid sustainable growth through marketing online. He has documented his own experience in using XsitePro on The XsitePro Experience at For articles on using XSitePro in other market sector take a look at market sector click here


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