3 Reasons Why You Must Use Sub-headlines In Your Sales Copy!

Craig Garber

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Yesterday, we took a look at how television has influenced American behavior, and the importance of giving your viewers, or in this case, your prospects. . . a “break" every once in a while when they're reading your sales letters.

So, without any further ado, here is part one of “5 Ways To Give Your Prospects A Much-Needed Break!"

1. Make sure you're using sub-headlines throughout your sales pitch.

You see, using a sub-headline does three things:

First, it gives your prospects some much-needed eye-relief in breaking up long-form text.

Let's face it: even when you're reading something you enjoy, if you're reading for a long period of time, sometimes your eyes get tired.

Strategically placed sub-headlines give your eyes a bit of a “break" - I call it “eye-relief".

Second, some people won't read through your entire sales pitch, at least not right away. These folks will skim through your letter (or your web page), picking up little glimpses of text here-and-there.

Sub-headlines make sure you're picking up these types of readers as customers or clients, as well as the detailed readers, who will go line-by-line.

And lastly, sub-heads keep things entertaining and help you emphasize certain points you need to make.

For instance, what if I told you that. . .

Starting Today. . . You Will Become Filthy Rich!

See, that's the kind of sub-head you want to use.

Whenever you're using sub-headlines, you want to make them in bold text. . . centered in the middle of your page horizontally. . . and you may even want to use a different type of text for them.

I use Arial Black. . . or Courier 10 BT. . . and Georgia. . . just to name a few.

Tomorrow, we'll continue talking about what else you should be doing to give your prospects a “break" to keep them reading and moving along down your sales letter, with as little resistance as possible.

Now go sell something,

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