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How To Use Open-Ended Questions To Win More Sales

Jim Meisenheimer

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Using open-ended questions can transform your sales career. Trust me I know. I was born and raised in the New York City area.

Back then I did everything fast. I walked fast, ate fast, drove fast, and of course since I was in sales I talked fast.

It worked then but it doesn't work now. My whole approach to sales is different today. I believe there's a reason why you're born with two years and one mouth.

The reason is quite simple. In life, you'll achieve more by listening than talking. In sales too!

Hey - I'm a professional speaker and I get paid to talk, but like you I have to make the sale before I can give the speech.

I'm convinced that asking the right open-ended questions is the quickest way to achieve increased sales and greater personal income in your territory.

I'm also convinced, especially during a sales call, the less you say, the smarter you'll sound.

Now don't go skeptical on me. You see I've done it both ways. Asking the right questions pays more!

Early on in my sales career, my mouth was the center of my universe. And I frequently got mugged by my own mouth. Trust me - that's not fun. I'm not proud of that - I just learned from the experience.

Can you win sales by talking too much? You bet!

However, you'll win even more sales in less time as soon as you start asking the right open-ended questions.

Over the years I've observed that closed-ended questions are the default questions for most salespeople. I can't explain why it just happens to be true!

Questions that begin with:

Can you . . .

Are you . . .

Do you . . .

Would you . . .

Sales questions that begin with these words can literally be answered with a single word.

And that spells doom and gloom for professional salespeople. Look, you need to get your sales prospects and your customers talking and you won't do it with closed-ended questions.

Here's a better way.

Get them talking . . .

Uncover their problems . . .

Present your products/services as solutions . . .

It's that easy. But it all starts with getting your sales prospects and customers talking.

This is easy to say and hard to do unless you're asking the right sales questions.

Here's a rock-solid open-ended question. Take it and use it to grow your business.

"What would it take to win your Supplier Of The Year Award?" Wouldn't you love to know the answer to this question?

That is the question.

You'll start selling more today and everyday as soon as you start asking the right questions.

Start selling more today and everyday . . .

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